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It takes 3-5 seconds to make a great impression… or a bad one. Strong branding and design can make or break your business. We spend time to understand your business and your target customers to create a brand design that ensures potential customers are hooked-in straight away. We undertake both digital and print design work.

All Companies NEED to be seen.

Many years ago, in the 1970’s/80’s, there used to be a large thick book called the Yellow Pages! It contained details of businesses and was used to find your local plumber, plasterer, music shop – whatever you were looking for.
Nowadays, people use the internet to search for whatever it is they’re looking for. Most of the time, on their mobile phone! Whether it’s a basic ‘static’ website or a feature-rich online shop, it’s critical that your business has a website.

Responsive Websites - The Rise of Mobile Internet

93% of people in the UK own or use a mobile phone and 63% of those use the internet on their phone (Ofcom, 2015). It’s critical for website’s to work seamlessly on mobile devices as well as desktops and PC’s. In addition to browsing social media on their mobile devices, the 63% of mobile internet users in the UK also use their mobile devices to browse online, do internet banking, make purchases and search for business and places. Nexgen understand that excellent mobile web design is vital for any business and ensure that our websites are fully responsive to work perfectly on any device…

5 Steps to transform your business!

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Free Consultation

Drop us an email, let us know how we can help. We will talk you through your options and what we will deliver.

The Build

We will carry out a number of sessions throughout your website build journey. Our iterative development approach really helps ensure that we can adapt to change as and when needed.

The Review

We will allow you time to review what has been agreed during our consultation, this is your opportunity to request any changes before going live with your project.

The Go-Live

The exciting part, the GO LIVE! Once we are in agreement with the final product, we will put your website live!

Our Process...

1 - Research & Ideas

We will meet, call or Skype you to discuss what you do, what you need from a website and how we can help. During this call we will show you examples of features that you may not have thought about and discuss whether they will be beneficial to you. We will ask you a set questions that will help me understand the requirements for your website. This will include style, colours, features, content, maintenance and information about your business. Using this information, we will give you a fixed price cost to design your website.

2 - Draft Design

If your happy to proceed, we will design a draft website based on the ideas and requirements that we have discussed. The draft website will be a fully working and usually takes two to three days to complete. Once complete, we will either meet, call or email you to show you the draft web design. We will then capture feedback (good and bad), new ideas and further improvements. If the draft we have designed isn’t what you pictured, we will start again, and will keep doing so until we get it right.

3 - Iterations

Using your feedback, we will re-design, tweak and/or change your website until it’s exactly as you want it. Typically, changes are simple and quick to implement e.g. “change the background colour” and so it doesn’t take long to finalise the design. Some changes require a re-structure of the website or amendments to the layout which can take a day or two. We keep making changes and improvements until your 100% happy with your website.

4 - Ready to Launch!

Once your 100% happy with your website, we will fully test it to ensure it works seamlessly on all devices. We then submit it to Google, Yahoo and Bing and meet or call you to complete a ‘handover session’. The handover sessions are tailored for you (based on the requirements we captured up front). During the session we walk through your website to ensure you fully understand how to update pages, add images etc.